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Tips for Buying VW Used Cars, Perth Drivers Should Know

Tips for Buying VW Used Cars, Perth Drivers Should Know
February 23, 2018 mandurah_admin

Tips for Buying VW Used Cars, Perth Drivers Should Know

Buying VW Used Cars

Buying a used car can provide massive savings, particularly if a brand new model is out of your financial reach. VW second-hand cars for sale provide access to the precise engineering offered by the Volkswagen Group, but this doesn’t mean that all VW used models represent a good deal. So, here are some tips to buy the best used VW car.

Work Out What You Need

Volkswagen car sales staff will be quick to point out all the latest innovative technology, but if you have a limited budget, you need to think about what you actually need. It is worth writing a list of your vehicle priorities before you start shopping. This will not only provide you with insight into the second hand VW prices you can expect but also what variants or models best suit your requirements.

Think About Running Costs

When considering buying a vehicle, you need to think beyond the actual purchase price; you need to consider the running costs. Although buying a used vehicle means that you avoid the highest rate of depreciation, as a vehicle gets older it is likely to be less efficient and may not be supported by a warranty. Although it may cost a little more initially, you may actually find that a slightly younger vehicle or a diesel variant will cost far less to run.


Keep An Open Mind

Volkswagen offers a fantastic range of both new and used vehicles, so don’t walk into a dealership with a rigid mindset. Be prepared to look at a smaller or larger model, a different drivetrain or different specification level. Although there are lots of VW second-hand cars for sale, you may need to make some compromises.

Check the Vehicle History

One of the potential pitfalls of buying a used vehicle is that it may have some issues tied to the vehicle history. Whether it is encumbered with finance or has been involved in an accident, you need to know exactly what you’re buying. Unless you’re buying from a reputable dealer, you need to ensure that you perform your due diligence and check the vehicle history before you part with a single dollar.

Think About Your Trade In

If you’re upgrading your vehicle, you need to think about what you will do with your old vehicle. Most dealers will allow you to trade in, but they will tend to offer a lower rate than you would get if you sold it yourself. Of course, trading in does mean is that you can eliminate the need to advertise, show and sell your vehicle privately. If you want to avoid the hassle, you may consider trading in. Otherwise, you will need to plan what you will do with your old vehicle in advance.

If you’re looking for a great deal on VW used cars, Perth drivers should visit us. We offer a wide selection of models at reasonable second-hand VW prices. Our Volkswagen car sales team is available to answer any queries and help you to find your next vehicle to suit your budget.


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