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Need a VW Service? Perth Dealership Benefits

Need a VW Service? Perth Dealership Benefits
June 4, 2018 mandurah_admin

Need a VW Service? Perth Dealership Benefits

Under Australian laws, vehicle manufacturers cannot compel you to return to your dealership to have your vehicle serviced. This means that providing the service is carried out to the manufacturer specifications; you can use any suitably qualified, registered mechanic. While using an independent mechanic may seem convenient, there are some distinct benefits of returning to Volkswagen dealers, Perth drivers can enjoy.

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Specialist Knowledge

Specialist knowledge is one of the main advantages of using an authorised dealership for your VW service. Perth drivers can enjoy the experience and expertise of factory trained technicians. Since the service team at an authorised dealership work on Volkswagens day in and day out, any issues are likely to have a far more effective solution quickly, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Access to Specialist Tools

Modern vehicles are loaded with more and more tech, but this does mean that it can be a challenge at servicing time. Many independent garages lack the equipment necessary to handle modern vehicles. Fortunately, authorised Volkswagen dealerships provide access to specialist tools to facilitate servicing and repairs. This includes diagnostics equipment that can be used to check that your Volkswagen is operating at peak efficiency, performance, and safety.

Guarantee of Genuine Parts

Another benefit of using a dealership for your service is that you can have complete confidence that the technicians are using genuine Volkswagen parts. Independent mechanics can often use “non genuine” or generic parts to bring their costs down. Unfortunately, cheap parts are not usually made to the same, exacting standards as genuine parts. This means that your vehicle can be compromised by non standard parts and in worst case scenarios, you may even invalidate your warranty. An authorised dealership will always ensure that your vehicle is fitted with genuine parts that are designed to offer factory performance.

Maximise Your Resale Value

Finally, dealership servicing can help to maximise your resale value. A full service history at an authorised dealership establishes a relationship with the dealership that is appealing to potential buyers. A spotty service history can be a warning flag to any buyer that the vehicle may not have enjoyed proper care. However, when your owner’s manual is filled with servicing details from your local VW dealership, it highlights the care and attention your vehicle has received. This means that when you are ready to upgrade to a new model, you can maximise your resale value.

If you are considering a VW service, Perth drivers should visit us. We are authorised Volkswagen dealers with a full after sales department. The Mandurah VW technicians are ready to answer any queries and help you ensure that your VW is operating at peak efficiency, safety, and performance.

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