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Details Confirmed for the 2018 VW Arteon

Details Confirmed for the 2018 VW Arteon
October 25, 2017 mandurah_admin


With the new 2018 VW Arteon expected in showrooms in the coming weeks, we are starting to see and hear more about this exciting new model. The Australian spec has been confirmed ahead of the launch, so here is a little about what we can expect from this new arrival in the Volkswagen lineup.

The Model Spec:

The new VW Arteon for sale is a replacement for the ageing CC. Like its predecessor, the VW Arteon is essentially a four door coupe based on the Passat. However, this model will introduce a range of technology and innovations that have not been seen in the local line up and has not been available on the Passat range.

The VW Arteon will only be offered in one trim level; the 206 TSI R-Line. The VW Arteon price has yet to be confirmed, but we have learned a little more about the features that will be available. At the top of the equipment list is a heads up display. This is a brand first and will be a fantastic addition to the Volkswagen local models. There is also dynamic light assist, ambient interior lighting in a choice of three colours, dynamic indicators, camera system with “area view” heated rear seats, “Montevideo” 19 inch alloys and frameless side windows.


Another important aspect of the new VW Arteon is that it will provide the debut for the brand’s proactive occupant protection systems. This innovation uses blind spot monitoring sensors to detect any imminent risks behind the vehicle, whether it is moving or stationary. If a risk is detected, the hazard warning lights will be automatically switched on, sunroof openings and windows will be closed, and the seat belt tensioners will pull the seat belts taut.

This will also be the first VW model to be offered with the Emergency Assist 2 package. This acts in conjunction with the lane assist and adaptive cruise control features. If a driver’s hands are off the wheel for an extended period, such as during a sudden medical condition, it will trigger a vehicle reaction. The system will create a hands off warnings that include brake jolts and audible alarms. If the driver fails to respond, the hazard warning lights will be activated, and the vehicle will automatically move slowly to the emergency lane and safely stop.

Other Features:

In addition to this new technology, the VW Arteon has been carefully considered with features to make it a practical family vehicle. There is a liftback tailgate concealing the impressive 563 litre cargo area, a longer wheelbase (50 mm bigger than the standard Passat) and a 9.2 inch infotainment system featuring gesture control.

If you are interested in learning more about the new VW Arteon for sale, you should speak to us. The Mandurah VW team members are on hand to answer any queries about the VW Arteon, price listings, and current deals. We would also be delighted to arrange your VW Arteon test drive.

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